Children Grieve Too

Having to explain the concept of death to a child, no matter what age, is a daunting task for a parent. It is especially heart-breaking to have to explain to them that their little baby brother or sister has passed away. Not only are parents grieving the death of their baby, they have to help and watch their other children grieve the death of their sibling. In their grief, parents have one of life’s most difficult “teachable moments” in that…

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Those of us who are enduring the death of our beloved baby are all too familiar with the myriad of emotions that follow: sadness, guilt, depression, frustration, anger and denial, to name only a few. These emotions rarely are felt one at a time and instead are a constant and overwhelming whirlwind of feelings. Anger is simply the outward expression of hurt, fear, and frustration. Some days the anger can be so overwhelming, so consuming and intense it threatens to…

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Ways To Help Children Through Loss

Young children working through a loss may respond very differently than adults. Understanding their point of view is important as abstract concepts, like death, are challenging for children to understand. Here are some simple ways you can help children process their loss and feelings: *Ask children what they think death is. Relate it to something they are familiar with *Stick to daily routines as much as possible. Children need to feel secure in their homes and routine helps *Let them…

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Special Song

We are blessed to have so many talented volunteers for The Haven Network! They generously donate their time and their skills to benefit the families that we serve and The Haven Network itself. Sherry Camp is one such volunteer who has been with The Haven for awhile. Not only does she volunteer her time as a photographer, she is also a singer and songwriter. She has written this song and we are honored to be able to share it with…

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Journaling Prompts

Grief journaling gives parents the freedom to express their deepest thoughts, feelings, and emotions about the loss of their baby in a safe place. Sharing your thoughts and emotions about the death of your baby provides an opportunity for you look inward and gain a better understanding of yourself and how you are coping with the loss of your child. Telling the story of your loss may help to calm your emotions. *Find writing materials that appeal to you: notebook,…

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Planning Your Child’s Funeral/Memorial Service

Planning your baby’s memorial service is yet another heart-breaking moment parents must face after the death of their beloved child. This is a starting place for parents as they plan their child’s funeral and memorial service. Whether you chose to have a service held at the church or a graveside service, your own pastor or priest should have additional scripture verses and/or songs that you may also select for your precious child’s funeral/memorial service. The funeral home you have chosen…

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Options for Dealing With Your Milk Supply

Starting at about 12 weeks gestation, a mothers’ body begins preparing for the birth of her child, including the production of the baby’s milk supply. Mothers’ enduring the loss of their child from about 12 weeks gestation to full-term will have to contend with their milk supply coming in and how they would like to handle it. Two options are listed below:   Breast milk Donation *Human Milk 4 Human Babies: This online group can be found on Facebook at:…

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How Can I Help?

Countless times I have been asked by caring friends and family members how they can really help when someone they love is enduring the death of their baby. It is at this moment in time when every one wants to do anything in their power to support the parents and family but may be at a loss as to what may be the best way to go about it. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some…

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Reading List

1. Heaven Is For Real by Todd Bumpo (The movie is incredible too) 2. The Shack by William P. Young 3. I Carried An Angel by Stacy Luker 4. They Were Still Born by Janel C. Atlas, Amy L., Abbey, Nina Bennett, Joanne              Cacciatore, Marion Flores, Ruth Fretts, Alan Goldenbach, Rachel Graham, David          Hlavsa, Sherokee Ilse, Kara L.C. Jones, Monica Murphy LeMoi, Candy McVicar,          Kelley Krahling 5. While I Was Gone by Sue Miller  6. Three Minus…

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  Whether we are aware of it or not, the music we listen to inspires us, relaxes us, challenges us, encourages us and speaks the words we struggle to say. Some days it helps us shed the tears we have bottled up. Other days it helps us smile and maybe even laugh. This is never more true than when parents are enduring a terminal diagnosis of their unborn baby or coping with the loss of their baby. The songs listed…

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