As of today, 11/30/17, this is how many families The Haven Network has cared for this year in Rockford and the surrounding communities.


Seeing this number written….72….is a lot different than seeing each baby’s name individually written on cards. And you know what, some of those baby’s are twins. So the actual number of babies The Haven cared for so far this year is 76.

76 babies in Rockford and the surrounding communities that are gone too soon.

Today I hand wrote each baby’s name on a tag and then hung them from the twine in the window of our office. And it hit home. And it made me tear up. All these sweet, beloved, longed for babies gone too soon.


There are 52 weeks in a year.
The Haven has cared for 72 bereaved families so far this year.
We have cared for 76 babies gone too soon already this year.

How can you help?
Volunteer. Donate. Pray. Love