About Us


The Haven Network is an independent Christian ministry offering life-affirming services, providing emotional, spiritual and practical support for families who have experienced the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, SIDS and early infant death and families who are facing a terminal diagnosis of their pre-born or newborn baby.  We strive to help parents build memories of their precious little one, enabling them to remember this difficult time with comfort, knowing that they did the best for their baby and entire family.  All of our services are provided at no cost to the families we serve.

“Grief does not stop once you leave the hospital nor does it stop after a funeral or memorial service. It is a lifelong process that gets softer over time but never ends.”
Stephanie Grimm

The care and support for grieving families by The Haven Network does not stop once we have left the hospital. It does not stop simply because we have provided families with their keepsakes and photographs of their beloved little one.

That is simply the beginning.

The Haven Network is there for grieving families for as long as needed. We start in the hospital by connecting with the family, caring for their baby, creating keepsakes and photographing the baby individually and with his or her family. We continue support for the family with established well checks, in person and online support groups, grief counseling, several special remembrance events throughout the year, unlimited access to our Share library all at no cost to our families. We remember each family’s baby on the baby’s due date and on the anniversary of their loss and every day in between.

The death of a baby is a tragedy and moms, dads, grandparents….the whole family needs a safe and soft place to fall, to find support, to find and be a part of a community that understands. The Haven Network is that place.

If you or someone dear to you has lost a baby, we encourage you to reach out to The Haven. Find the support you want, be a part of a community of other moms and dads enduring the death of their baby, find your safe place to grieve.

At The Haven Network:

  • We believe each baby is handcrafted by the Triune God and is a valued member of the human family.
  • We believe each baby, pre-born or newly born, is worthy of tender, palliative care until natural death.
  • We believe every family member, regardless of race or creed, deserves to be treated with honor and dignity.
  • We recognize that parents have the primary role in caring for their baby and deserve support and encouragement, enabling them to be the best parents possible in their time of grief.
  • We are honored, as staff and volunteers, to be the servants of Christ and will strive to model His example of compassionate care.




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