“Nursing is a work of heart” 

This saying applies to every nurse we have ever worked with, at every hospital we have been at. Nurses put their heart into caring for each patient they are with, during the good times and the bad. They put their heart into supporting the work The Haven does, both in the hospital and out. 

The nurses pictured above are some of the brilliant nurses we have had the honor of working with over the years. These are some of the labor and delivery nurses from Mercy Health: Rockton Avenue who generously volunteered their time to help out however they could at our annual Forever In Our Hearts Dinner and Auction Benefit held on Saturday, March 17, 2018. These nurses went above and beyond! They happily welcomed each guest to our event and helped the silent auction run smoothly and helped wherever they could. We couldn’t have done it without them and we are so pleased they gave more of their time to help us out. 

The Haven Network is beyond thankful for your help at our event and for your support as we work together to take good care of families enduring the death of their baby. Thank you seems such a small word and not adequate enough for all these nurses have done, but THANK YOU!!