Funeral Planning

Planning your baby’s funeral or memorial service is something no parent ever expects to have to do. We spend time planning special life events so consider taking all the time you need to plan your child’s service so that it is the way you want it to be, so that when you look back on it years down the road you don’t have any regrets or wish that you had done something or hadn’t done something. Traditionally funerals are held within days or a week of the person’s passing but please understand that there is no set timetable to which you need to go by. If you are comfortable holding your baby’s service within a week, then do so. If you would rather have time to let the initial shock wear off and have your baby’s service a few weeks later, then do so.

Please know that The Haven Network staff is available to work with you in planning your baby’s service in conjunction with the funeral home you have chosen. The following pages contain resources, links and ideas that you may find useful in the planning of the funeral or memorial service.