Our daughter Eleanna Mae passed away at 20 weeks 5 days gestation on July 16, 2011.  We were blessed to have the Haven Network’s skilled photographer come and take the most beautiful pictures of our precious daughter.   Having those pictures has helped me though some of my saddest times.  Especially the times where I felt as though her life was a beautiful dream that ended in tragedy. Her pictures remind our family each day that Eleanna was here and will be in our hearts forever.  Some of the photographs are done in a way that can be displayed in your home, and I even have one at my office without being uncomfortable for others to see.  From the pictures I have seen of other families blessed with the Haven Networks’ photography they can make even the tiniest babies look peaceful and beautiful.  While sometimes it may be sad to look at her pictures;  more often to see her fills me with joy knowing I’ll never forget how beautiful her tiny, perfect feet were, or how she had long slender fingers like mine.   The support, love & blessings that the Haven Network has given to my husband and I, is an intimate part of our grieving process.  We can’t thank them enough for all of it.

Rachel Marsh

We had photography done through the Haven Network when we lost our daughter, Lindsey, last May (5/24/11).  We cherish those photographs and are so thankful that we had them done.  It is also very nice to have a copy of all of them on CD.

The Haven Network was very supportive and easy to work with during such a difficult, personal time.  I wouldn’t have change a thing about how the Haven Network assisted us or the photographs that they provided. We were a little unsure about the whole process when the nurse explained it to us, but are so very thankful that we decided to get the photos done.

The photographs were professional and it was obvious how much care went into taking each one.

They have helped us heal and also document our daughter’s life.  I used the photos to create a scrapbook to document and remember her short, precious life.

Jimmy and Nichole Smith

baby4“Our twins, Samuel and Grace, were born on December 29, 2004. Seven days later, our daughter Grace passed away. It was almost impossible for us to make any decisions or to think rationally.

“We received help from The Haven Network in planning the funeral and choosing a tiny burial gown. The Director of Family Services gave us information on things we would have never even known to ask.

“Our family partner guided and befriended us through our first year without Grace. She always let us know she was there and thinking about us. Just a simple card on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day meant so much to us. The Haven Network celebrates the lives of our babies by keeping their memory alive, and offers comfort, support and aid in the healing process.”

Scott and Sara
Rockford, IL

baby3“The Haven Network increases what Christian care-giving can be for those experiencing loss due to perinatal death and bereavement. The frustration for a pastor is often not being able to offer much more than words. The Haven provides hands and feet that do the work of God to care for these hurting people. It also provides a choir of voices and support that make the words of Christ be more than just words, but a greater ‘follow-through’ of His love as well.”

Pastor David Thies
Rockford, IL