Spiritual Support

Spiritual Support


Many are aware of the physical and emotional effects experienced by women and families dealing with loss. As those needs are addressed by doctors, nurses, family and friends, it becomes obvious that there is more. There are questions left unanswered, a peace not yet found. Fear and anxiety creeps in and hope fades away. The Bible tells us to cast all our anxiety on God because he cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). Although some questions may be left unanswered, there is a peace and hope available for those who seek it. Please take advantage of these resources to continue your healing journey.

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Is My Baby an Angel? An answer from Billy Graham

Billy Graham post: My sister lost her small son a little over a year ago, and on the anniversary of his death, she put a poem in the paper to remember him. It said something about him being an angel now. Is that what happens to us when we die and go to heaven, that we become angels? — Mrs. L.C.

I know your sister was sincere, and I respect her sorrow and her desire to remember and honor her son—but no, we don’t become angels when we die and go to heaven.

The truth is, when we die and go to heaven we become even greater than the angels! The angels are spiritual beings who were created by God to be His servants, and God has given them great authority and power to do His will. And at the present time the angels are greater than we are, because God made us “a little lower than the heavenly beings” (Psalm 8:5).

But the Bible also says that in he…even we will be higher than the angels—and the reason is because we will be like Christ. The Bible says, “Do you not know that we will judge angels?” (1 Corinthians 6:3). While this verse may be referring to the rebellious angels who chose to follow Satan, it still implies that our status after death will be above that of the angels.

All of this, I know, may seem like theological hairsplitting to you. But don’t lose sight of the central truth: When we know Christ, we know that this life is not all, but ahead of us is the joy of heaven. May your sister take comfort in this truth, and in the fact that her little son now is beyond all the pain and suffering of this world. Is this your hope as well? It can be, as you give your life to Christ and trust Him as your Savior.

For more answers to spiritual questions from Billy Graham, please visit: www.billygraham.org. Source: www.mend.org

On line Support

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Kings Mission

King’s Mission is an organization that provides hope and encouragement to the hurting through daily messages of healing. These messages are a combination of God’s promises from the Bible and significant quotes from outside of the Bible. The resounding theme common in all of the messages is simple; God loves YOU. No matter what you are going through, no matter what your circumstances, you are loved and the One who created you is there for you. He wants to share your burdens, your pain, and your future. Messages are available through email or text message, Facebook, and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you. We can be reached at: info@kingsmissionministries.org

Elizabeth Ministry at Holy Family Catholic Church

Elizabeth Ministry is an outreach ministry from one mom to another to give support to the joys and sorrows of a woman’s life during pregnancy, pregnancy complications, birth, infant or child crisis, infertility concerns, miscarriage or loss of a child. It is a program based on the scriptural story of the visitation by bringing women together who share a similar story. This ministry is a strong respect life witness. If you would like to be an Elizabeth minister or are in need of a visit yourself from someone please contact: Mary Vogrinc 815-885-3198