Healing Hearts

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Healing Hearts is a six week comprehensive study of various aspects of the grief journey. Healing Hearts is held on Monday night starting at 6:30pm at The Haven Network office. There is no cost to participate but pre-registration is required. To register, please call The Haven Network at 815.962.1512. Minimum group size: 5

Study Topics

Week One: Welcome

Week Two: Fresh Firsts

Week Three: Relationship Care

Week Four: Children Grieve Too

Week Five: Father’s Grief

Week Six: Friends/Family

         2018 Session One Dates:                                               2018 Session Two Dates:

January 15                                                                July 9

January 22                                                                July 16

January 29                                                                July 23

February 5                                                                July 30

February 12                                                              August 6

February 19                                                              August 13



Grief Support


Delinda Grindle, LCSW, Director of Grief Services from kpcounseling.inc along with The Haven Network, have developed a caring and sensitive program to assist those families who have lost a baby. Delinda helps you in your journey through grief and loss, and provides a grief support opportunity to begin the process of embracing the uniqueness of your grief. In doing so, Delinda will assist you in living in a world that has now changed.

Delinda’s philosophy in counseling is, “Companioning individuals in their healing journeys”.

Since experiencing the death of a baby can be overwhelming, The Haven Network provides grief support services as an important part of your total care. Delinda offers individual or family grief sessions in addition to the Healing Hearts Parent Support Group.

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you or any family members who are interested in learning more about our Grief Support Program. Each family served by The Haven Network will have available to them two (2) complimentary sessions with Delinda. For more information please call our office at 815.962.1512.